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Background Information Services, Inc., the leader in real-time Colorado Court Records is now fully integrated with Denver County lower courts. Now, ALL Colorado court records are seamlessly available through our web interface. Denver County has instituted a fee for this search which will be reflected in your monthly billing. Please contact BIS with any questions or concerns about this new offering.


Real-time Colorado Court Records

BIS offers a real-time Colorado Court Records Access, which contains
records from all county and district level courts in Colorado.

Since our data is mirrored from the State of Colorado, any changes made
at the court level are immediately reflected in our system. There are
literally thousands of updates made daily.

BIS' database is available 24 hours perday, 7 days per week through
web, dial up or telnet access. Our interfaces are easy to use and your
results are instant!

What Sets BIS Apart?
We possess archived case files that are not available anywhere else.
BIS has been receiving raw case data since 1991, which includes
electronic records dating back much earlier than 1991 for most counties
in Colorado. Some courts in Colorado have even purged some of their
electronic records. BIS has received consistent data since 1991 in
order to bring to you the most complete access to Colorado data that is

BIS offers complex search capabilities through our system that are
unique to our database. These customized search functions ensure that
users of our system are not missing cases that would otherwise be
almost impossible to locate. Our system also offers many search options
that can be employed to ensure you are getting the best search

BIS possesses massive computer power. Our state of the art system is
very fast and offers stability and up-time rating that is not available
anywhere else.

We fully support our systems. If you need assistance, we are here to
ensure a successful conclusion to your question and are confident that
your support experience will be a positive one.

Searches included in our instant access include Credit Reports, Social
Security Number Traces and Fraud/Identity Verification Searches.

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