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Background Information Services, Inc. is thankful to all our clients that have been with us for 25 years!

Background Information Services, Inc. (BIS) is proud to be serving the Background Screening Industry for a quarter of a century.

BIS partnered with the State of Colorado to pioneer Colorado Court records online web access back in 1989 which led BIS to be noted as one of the first companies to offer Criminal and Civil records. BIS quickly grew our services by listening to our client’s needs which launched us into the pre-employment and background screening industry.

BIS’ strong core values have ensured our clients to trust our reporting each and every time! Receiving quality data that everyone can stand behind, in a fast manner over secure online environment, is one of the reasons clients continue to feel save with BIS. Our client care encourages clients to lean on us for knowledge to assist in compliance and help mitigate any risk that may come from new and old regulations.

BIS is committed to having staff be active on boards and committees in National Association of Professional Background Screeners and Society of Human Resource Management to ensure our knowledge stays current. Many of BIS’ staff has been with us for over 15 years.

BIS has once again brought new innovation to our clients with our recent release of Client Access Reporting Engine (CARE) Software. Our CARE system is bringing new levels of client care, customized applicant portals, faster reporting and greater quality control.

Background Information Services, Inc. is where Integrity and screening meet!


BIS Total Program Solutions - Healthcare Industry

BIS extends experience, knowledge and custom-crafted solutions for the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry requires regulatory compliance, which prohibits employers from the hiring of sanctioned individuals and entities. BIS expertly covers the services essential to this industry as well as possesses the ability to make customizations based on each organization?s needs. Our willingness to customize your program, coupled with our integrated technology abilities, put BIS ahead of our competition in servicing the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Staffing Services

Employment Eligibility Verification
Confirming the identity and work eligibility status of your applicant is an essential step in the screening process. BIS can confirm that your applicant is eligible to work in the United States. This search is conducted through the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration. DHS provides a confirmation number for each transaction, which serves as affirmation that the search was conducted.

Address History
BIS' Address Search is a first-step due diligence confirmation that the background check is being conducted in the appropriate places. Many workers in the healthcare industry can be transient. BIS' Address Search also provides a search of the Death Master Index, which confirms that the SSN provided does not belong to a deceased person. This search also provides an SSN Validation. The SSN Validation confirms that the number is a validly issued number as well as the date and state of issue.

Criminal History
A criminal history is a critical search in the screening of individuals working in the healthcare industry. BIS recommends a search of the courts where the individual has resided, worked and attended school within a timeframe of at least 7 years.

Credential Verifications
Verifying that your applicant possesses the credentials they purport to hold is another crucial step in the screening process. BIS can confirm licensing, certification and membership/participation in professional organizations. BIS possesses an internal call center staffed with personnel who are familiar with the healthcare industry. BIS never outsources credential verifications, which ensure that our high standards are met and that results are turned around quickly.

Education Verification
The education verification goes hand in hand with BIS' credentialing program. BIS recommends verification of an individual's educational history, particularly if it directly relates to the position for which they are applying.

National Healthcare Databases & Sanction Screening
BIS offers a search of numerous state and federal databases including OIG, EPLS, National Practitioner's Database (NPDB), Healthcare Integrity & Protection Data Bank (HIPDB) and other databases to name a few. This is a fundamental search for any company operating in the healthcare industry.

National Security Source Searches
The current climate of our country dictates national security sources have a place in every screening program. BIS' search provides 14 national security source databases. These include OFAC's SDN List, Interpol Most Wanted, FBI Most Wanted, Fugitive List, Debarred Parties List and many others.

National Sex Offender Search
BIS' National Sex Offender Search provides a 50 state search of registered sex offenders as provided at a state level. BIS can also conduct local level searches.

Substance Abuse Testing
Substance abuse testing has an important place in this sector's screening program. Depending on the position and access to medications, BIS recommends a pre-employment screening test as well as a random and post incident/accident components.

Registry Searches
There are many states that offer different registry searches, such as the Misconduct Registry Search. BIS has a listing of states that offer registry searches that pertain to the healthcare industry.


Program Applicability

  • Recommended for Hospitals, Healthcare Organizations, Physician Groups, Nursing Homes, and Home Health Aides.
  • The abuse of Medicare and Medicaid programs has caused the Office of the Inspector General, Department of Health and Human Services to require sanctions and penalties against individuals and entities participating in defrauding or abusing these federal healthcare programs and exclude them from future participation.

Did You Know?

More than 58 federal agencies and all 50 states Medicaid agencies have the authority to issue sanctions and exclusions?

Businesses that hire individuals who have been sanctioned or excluded risk monetary penalties and may jeopardize future ability to be reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid.


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