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Background Information Services, Inc. is thankful to all our clients that have been with us for 25 years!

Background Information Services, Inc. (BIS) is proud to be serving the Background Screening Industry for a quarter of a century.

BIS partnered with the State of Colorado to pioneer Colorado Court records online web access back in 1989 which led BIS to be noted as one of the first companies to offer Criminal and Civil records. BIS quickly grew our services by listening to our client’s needs which launched us into the pre-employment and background screening industry.

BIS’ strong core values have ensured our clients to trust our reporting each and every time! Receiving quality data that everyone can stand behind, in a fast manner over secure online environment, is one of the reasons clients continue to feel save with BIS. Our client care encourages clients to lean on us for knowledge to assist in compliance and help mitigate any risk that may come from new and old regulations.

BIS is committed to having staff be active on boards and committees in National Association of Professional Background Screeners and Society of Human Resource Management to ensure our knowledge stays current. Many of BIS’ staff has been with us for over 15 years.

BIS has once again brought new innovation to our clients with our recent release of Client Access Reporting Engine (CARE) Software. Our CARE system is bringing new levels of client care, customized applicant portals, faster reporting and greater quality control.

Background Information Services, Inc. is where Integrity and screening meet!


National Crime Index Search

Background Information Sercives, Inc.'s National Crime Index casts a net across our country and provides access nationally. The database contains information from over 300 reporting sources including US and international security sources, 50 state sex offender registries, departments of correction, court records and more.

A criminal history is one of the most critical facets of the background screening process. Courts have ruled that employers have a general duty to perform a criminal background check to avoid negligent hiring liability.

BIS' clients have found this to be a useful tool when combined with a direct, localized criminal search.

For a complete data matrix and update schedule, please contact our offices.


National Crime Index Search Applicability

  • Criminal Searches are recommended for all levels of employees.
  • Protect the public and individuals whom come into contact with your employees.
  • Protect your workforce by discovering previous criminal acts.

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